Although Samarpan Guest House is nested in the middle of a typical Tamil village, it is an Auroville Community. The town is located 8 minutes away for the guest house. The community, is a remarkable utopian spiritual concept, it is unique worldwide, and full of places worth seeing and experiencing. The concept city was born in 1969 under the direction of it’s divinely inspired initiator, THE MOTHER. She was the second half of Sri Aurobindo since the 1920’s. The Forest City is home to 2500 Aurovillians, from 59 nationalities, and the way of life here, is far away from anything you have ever experienced.

PONDICHERRY (Puducherry)

Height minutes away from SAMARPAN Guest House is the ancient superbly preserved old city of Pondishery. It is home to stunning ancient French buildings reminiscence of what New Orleans is to Louisiana.

It is also home to Sri Aurobindo ashram and his legacy can be seen everywhere. The city has interesting cafes, bars and restaurants. On weekends, Indian travelers loads the old city with a nice busy friendly warm vibe.


Although 100km north on the way to Chennai, you shall see this unique ancient UNESCO World Heritage site, for its splendid carvings, temples and museums. Apart from this, it is a great place to be at, to purchase fine ornate hand made carvings to beautify your homes.