Harmony is found in nature,
let's hide and relax

A Family Cottage

Our largest unit is well suited for families up to 6.

It includes a double bed upstairs, overlooking the sea and our garden at 360 degrees. The larger ground floor has a small kitchen, a dining table for four and three single beds.

The wide terrace faces our garden, the lotus pound, and the sea. This is the ideal place to seat, read and relax.

High season prices start at 3800 INR for one pax up to 7500 INR for 5 pax. Low season prices start at 3200 INR for one pax up to 6400 INR.


Our 4 studios are all unique, modern and spacious. They are equipped with a large double bed, a single bed, a small kitchen unit with a table for three, and a small terrace overlooking the gardens and the sea.

High season prices starts at 3500 INR for one pax, and up to 5600 INR for three pax. Low season prices starts at 2700 INR for one pax, and up to 4000 INR for three pax.


Our four cottages are great units for couples and good friends. They are equipped with double or single bed, and each has a small kitchen, a small desk, and a large terrace overlooking the sea and gardens.

It is the perfect place to unwind at all times of the day, especially at sunrise.

High season prices start at 3100 INR FOR one pax, and 3800 INR for two pax. Low season prices start at 2200 INR for one pax, and 2900 INR for two pax.


A full breakfast is served everyday at 8h30 am. It is most often composed of a main Southern India course, such as dosas or idly, pancakes, bread, butter, jam, a large tropical fruits plate, and coffee or tea. You can always ask for more, here we do not count.

We do not provide AC units, so that you can breath the fresh healthy breeze of the ocean air. All rooms are equipped with fans, a fridge, basic plate ware for eating, a desk and a chair. WIFI is available in the common areas.

Honest Reviews

I was at Samarpan Guesthouse for 2 weeks, and I plan to return as often as possible.

Patrick – Trip Advisor, Oct. 2021

Stayed 1 night in studio and 2 nights in family cottage… It was beautiful… The weather, the feel… Sylvie their go to person… The cottage felt great… Kids will love the hammocks and pets…. Food was delicious….

Toralniravjoshi – Trip Advisor, 2020

We really enjoyed the place. Donata is an excellent Host. Breakfast was Great. It’s a place to relax away from all the noises. All you can hear is Birds chirping and the waves clashing the shore. A good place to forget the World and Relax.

Jeff- Trip Advisor, 2019